Creating, editing, and deleting sites

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Creating a site

To create a work site:

  1. In your My Workspace menubar, click UFPUV.

  2. At the top of the Worksite Setup page, click Add site.

  3. Under "Site type", click the radio button next to Course site or Project site to choose the type of site you want to create.

  4. Click Next.

Course sites

To create a course site, continue with the following steps (for project sites, skip to Project sites):

  1. Under "Courses & Sections", select the course sections to be included in the course site by checking the appropriate boxes. Remember that all selected sections will be added to a single site.

  2. To add a course section that does not appear in the list, check either or both Show past courses/sections and/or Show sections from other instructors for courses listed below options.

  3. Click Next. A confirmation box may appear warning that sections from multiple courses have been selected.

  4. If you want additional sections from other instructors didn't appear on the previous screen, select "Yes" under "Courses from others", type the course name, click "Search" and select the desired course sections. Click Next.

  5. If sections from different courses have been selected, a page named "Course abbreviation" will appear, allowing to select an abbreviation for the site title. Click Next.

  6. Under "Confirmation", review your site information. If changes are required, click Previous. If the information is correct, click Finish to submit your course site request.

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Project sites

To create a project site, continue with the following steps:

  1. Under "Project information", in the "Site Title:" field, type a title for your site (maximum of 20 characters).

  2. Type in the purpose of the new project site. This information will not be publicity available.

  3. In the corresponding fields, you have the option of typing a long and short description of your site. The long description will appear on your site's home page; the short description appears in the public list of all sites on the system.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Under "Confirmation", review the information about your site. If it's correct, click Finish. If you need to make changes, click Previous.

Your new site will be listed in My Workspace on the Worksite Setup page.

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Editing a site

To edit a site you created:

  1. In your My Workspace menubar, click Worksite Setup.

  2. Check the box next to the site you want to edit. Then, at the top of the Worksite Setup page, click Edit.

  3. Using the links near the top, select an option for editing your site:

    • To edit the site title, description, short description, icon URL, site contact name, or site contact email, click Edit Site Information.

    • To add or remove tools from your site, click Edit Tools.

    • To change the publishing status of your site, modify who can see or join your site, and determine the default role for people who join, click Manage Access.

    • To add participants and assign them participant roles, click Add Participants.

    • To create an exact duplicate of your site that includes only material posted by the instructor, click Duplicate Site.

    • To add material from another site you own, click Import from Site.

      Note: You can re-use material only from other sites that you own. You can combine material from more than one site.

    • To import materials from a pre-existing file, click Import from File.

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Deleting a site

To prevent accidental site deletion and to the keep it's historical data, this option have been removed from the system.

Alternatively, you should unpublish your site and, eventually, hide your site from the site tabs.

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