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1. Currently, backups are automatically performed on the data disk attached to on /mnt/data. The data disk holds the following information:

  • MySQL Databases
  • MySQL Binary Logs
  • Sakai home folder
  • Sakai Resources I (file-based storage): read more in Sakai resources
  • Apache webpages (wiki, stats, etc)

2. Additionally, all servers (,,, perform nightly backups of most important configuration files to via NFS (typically mounted on /mnt/nfs/backups).

3. Old Sakai files (Sakai Resources II) are on, accessible to via NFS on /mnt/nfs/sakai-content-hosting-2.

4. Server configuration files (2.) and Sakai Resources II (3.) are then copied for backup purposes to the SAN device attached to, on a nightly basis.

5. For MySQL restoring, follow the instructions outlined in the official MySQL page: Point-in-Time Data Recovery

Data Archiving

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