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UFP-UV Build File Structure

The build folder is located at, and have the following file structure:

Folder Description
full-builds Contains pre-production and production tomcat builds, prepared by the scripts/ script.
config Contains build configuration files, pre-production and production tomcat configuration files, Maven configuration file, and ssh key used to transfer files to production servers.
scripts Contains scripts used during the building process and the production update process.
src UFP-UV Build: the custom Sakai build, adapted to fit the UFP-UV needs.
alt-src Alternative UFP-UV Build: usually the previous or the next custom UFP-UV build. Used to test the build without touching the src/ folder which contains the build currently being used at production.
src-overlay This folder contains the files that need to be manual copied to the UFP-UV build (UFP-UV skin, custom webservices, etc) everytime a new build is prepared from scratch.
src-binary-overlay This folder contains JAR files from Sakai tools that need a binary deployment to be part of the automated UFP-UV build. This is done by generating Maven metadata and deploying the tool to local Maven repository. This must be done only once, when a new build is prepared from scratch. Currently, only Elluminate fits inside this category.
patches This folder contains one folder per Sakai version, with all the patches locally applied to the build.
logs Output logs from the Maven build. Whenever a build error occurs, this folder must be checked.
(other folders) Any other folder present should be considered as temporary, not being important for the build process.
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