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This procedure will allow to maintain a local copy of sakai with institution-specific changes updated with the lattest sakai code using SVN and WinMerge.

Preparing a sakai 2.2.x branch

  1. Setup a local SVN server (see Development_environment_setup)
  2. Checkout the 2.2.x maintenance branch from the official sakai source tree to a folder named sakai_2-2-x
  3. Export the sakai_2-2-x working copy to a temporary folder named sakai-local_2-2-x_temp
  4. Import the exported folder into the local SVN repository (say svn://
  5. Checkout a working copy of the recently imported folder to sakai-local_2-2-x
  6. Delete the folder sakai-local_2-2-x_temp

You should now have two folders:

  • sakai_2-2-x: a working copy of the official sakai source tree
  • sakai-local_2-2-x: a working copy of the local changed sakai code

Merging changes

  1. Do a "SVN update" on the sakai_2-2-x folder (right-click mouse)
  2. Open WinMerge and:
    1. select sakai_2-2-x on the left
    2. select sakai-local_2-2-x on the right
    3. select the "Sakai source filter" created on Development_environment_setup
    4. check the "Include subfolders" checkbox
    5. click OK
  3. Perform the merging operations:
    1. Copy new files to the right (sakai-local_2-2-x tree)
    2. Merge updated files from the left with custom modified files on the right
    3. Files deleted from the left will require a svn delete on the right tree since deleting them with WinMerge will confuse local svn server
  4. Save as a project file and use this for subsequent merges
  5. Do a "SVN commit" on sakai-local_2-2-x (svn:// to commit the updated version to the local SVN repository
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