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UFP-UV Elearning platform

Production deployment started with release 2.1 of Sakai at December, 2005. As of March, 2006, and for less than two months of online production deployment, the platform was loaded with about 2085 course sites, 21 project sites, 554 instructors and 4811 students. Altought not yet officialy announced, the platform already had 1/3 of active users and was handling about 20-40 concurrent sakai users.

As of September, 2010, UFP-UV has a total of 5653 sites (5176 course sites and 477 project sites) and 14440 registered users (1208 maintain, 11895 access, 1307 guest) of which, 3302 sites are in active utilization by 6183 active users.

Server information

Network Diagram: Top-Level

File:UFP-UV Top Level.png

Network Diagram: Service-Level

File:UFP-UV Service Level.png

Hardware specs & Software configuration

Please see Universidade Fernando Pessoa deployment data for detailed information.

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