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Sakai generates a lot of event notifications (typically, between 30000 and 50000 events per day) that are persisted to the database (sakai.SAKAI_EVENT). In the same way, sakai sessions (typically, between 3000 and 5000 per day) are also persisted to the the database. These fast growing tables slows down insertion operation in sakai.SAKAI_EVENT table and insertion/read operations in sakai.SAKAI_SESSION table.

Events & Sessions archiving

Events and sessions with more than one day old are moved everyday from Sakai main database (sakai.SAKAI_EVENT and sakai.SAKAI_SESSION) to Sakai archive database (sakai_archive.SAKAI_EVENT and sakai_archive.SAKAI_SESSION).

Lost Sessions & Presence cleaning

From times to times, user sessions and presence entries are left "open" in the database. This has the disadvantage of showing the user in Presence list even when the user is no longer there. Daily, a script is executed to clean this orphan data from the database.


  • Events & Sessions archiving script is located at: /servicos/bin/
  • Lost Sessions & Presence cleaning script is located at: /servicos/sakai/scripts/
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