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Sakai Content Hosting Service uses the filesystem for storing Sakai resource files. These files are split to two different servers:

  • Recent files:
  • Older files:
    • Mounted via NFS at


  • Recent files (on are automatically backed up by the Centro de Inform├ítica da UFP.
  • Older files (on are automatically backed up (via a nightly cron job) to the network-connected SAN disk:


Since the data disk attached to has some size limitations, older files need to be periodically moved to secondary storage server (; this is done via the /servicos/bin/move-CHS-to-CHS2 script:


Usage:       move-CHS-to-CHS2 volume year
Description: Moves year folders from Sakai Content Hosting I ( 
             to Sakai Content Hosting II (, linking old folder
             to the new location.
             volume   One of: vol1, vol2 or vol3
             year     One year, starting from 2005

Deleted Files

Files deleted from Sakai will remain on back ups for a maximum of one month. Since the related database entry is also deleted, in order to keep track of deleted resources for an evetual restore operation, everyday (via a nightly cron job), new entries from the sakai.CONTENT_RESOURCE database table are copied to the archive database table sakai_archive.CONTENT_RESOURCE using the script:

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