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1.4.x to 1.5.2 Configuration changes1.4.x to 1.5.2 Migration Plan1.4.x to 1.5.2 Source code changes
2-7-x .externals2-7-x master pom.xml2-7-x pom.xml
2.1.2 Sakai Release (Jan 2006)2.3.x Sakai Release (Aug 2006)2.4.x Sakai Release (Jul 2007)
2.5.0 Sakai Release (Apr 2008)2.5.1 Configuration changes2.5.1 Deployment notes
2.5.x Sakai Release (Jul 2008)
2.5.x Source code changes2.6.x Configuration changes2.6.x Deployment notes
2.6.x Sakai Release2.6.x Source code changes2.7.x Configuration changes
2.7.x Deployment notes2.7.x Migration Plan2.7.x Sakai Release
2.7.x Source code changesAdding support for UFP servicesBackup procedures
Base Tomcat installationConfiguration changesCreate DB Tables
Create a self-signed certificateCustom patches & bugfixesDSpace: Client (Sakai)
DSpace: Sakai site configuration for DSpace accessDSpace: Server (B-Digital)DSpace 1.4.x to 1.5.2 Upgrade
DSpace StatisticsDSpace integrationDeployment notes
Development environmentDevelopment environment setupEclipse Formatter Profiles
Failover capabilityFirst-time UFPUV Sakai setupInstalling CAS server binary (UFP customized)
Integration pointsIptables scriptsJforum-cache-cluster.xml
Jk.confLocal.propertiesMain Page
Maintaining local branch of Sakai codeMaven scriptsMeleteDocs.xml
Migration Plan: 2.1.2 - 2.2.xMigration Plan: 2.3.x - 2.4.xMigration Plan: upgrade to cluster (2 tomcats in 1 server)
Mod proxy ajpMonitoring and statisticsMove UFP-UV to BladeCenter
Move item between collectionsPostgres commandsProduction environment
Project sitesPutting the server offlineQuick installation steps
Rebuild Search tool indexesSIS SQL Queries
SIS dataSQL Queries without using cacheSakai 2.2.x configuration files
Sakai Events & SessionsSakai Related StatisticsSakai resources
Sakai resources (old)Sample Maven2 settings.xmlSend email from command line
Server.xmlSingle Sign-OnSingle Sign-On: Client (DSpace)
Single Sign-On: Client (Sakai)
Sites createdSource code changes
SystemGlobals.propertiesTo-do tasksTomcat startup scripts
UFP-UV Update ProcessUFP-UV Upgrade ProcessUFPUV 2.5.x Update Log
UFPUV 2.6.x Update LogUFPUV 2.7.x Update Log
UFPUV changes from Sakai OOTBUFPUV custom changes for 2.2.x
UFPUV custom changes for 2.4.xUFPUV utilUFP Sakai tools
UFP Tool CarouselUpdate to Apache 2.2 on CentOS 3.xUpdating CAS server binary
Updating processUpgrading to MySQL 5.1User accounts
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