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  • Alias:
KNL-135: patch from Chuck hendrick
  • Announcement
SAK-14354:MOTD attachments not viewable by non-admins
  • Assignment
SAK-14285: disappearing comments in assignments tool
SAK-14826: Small error fix from SAK-14826 manual merge into 2.5.x
SAK-14281: content added off-line to the feedback attachment folder does not show after upload all
SAK-16448: Assignment "Pass/Fail" and "Checkmark" grade scales problem
  • Calendar
SAK-13816: The calendar conversion in SAK-11204 has a bad SQL Query
SAK-14016: localize calendar frequency descriptions
  • Chat
SAK-12762: Chat does not work correctly for not-logged-in users
SAK-16224: Fix regression in display of "user in chat" indicator in site presence, plus opportunistic code cleanup in PresenceTool.java
SAK-14411: Chat manager assumes tool placement
SAK-14778: 'Add a message' box is rendered regardless of chat.new permission
SAK-16094: Avoid NPE when no presence service available
  • Content
SAK-13572: Missing bundle keys - restore keys lost in SAK-11308, r36666
SAK-16025: fix add another file/folder issue
SAK-16416: Security issue
  • Message Center
SAK-16360: Security Issue
SAK-16392: Handle inconsistent state when Deleting and Revising messages
  • Presence
SAK-16467: Added missing pt_PT translation
  • T&Q
  • Reference
SAK-16025: fix add another file/folder issue
SAK-16417: security issue
  • RWiki
SAK-16440: fix stray underline under RSS and print icons
  • Sections
SAK-15780: Coordinate site and group caches; do not trigger unnecessary updates by removing a member who isn't there
  • SiteStats
STAT-150: Workaround for inconsistent logging of context
  • Site-Manage:
SAK-13786:NPE when there is no CourseSet object returned for certain CourseOffering object
SAK-16455:WorkSite Setup exception in 2.5.x branch
SAK-16478:Security issue
Fixed bug in sendNonCourseSiteCreatedNotificationEmailToUFPUV that presented errors when creating Project sites


  • SiteStats
Show users from anonymous events (such as poll.vote) as '?'
  • Announcements
SAK-15307: NPE when getting list
SAK-14775: "Save" button while adding an announcement needs to be "disabled" after click to avoid multiple submissions
  • Assignments
SAK-15961: duplicating assignments that have been manually sorted loses the sort order
  • Calendar
SAK-13074: Static Code Review: Found static field of type java.text.DateFormat in org.sakaiproject.calendar.impl.GenericCalendarImporter.TIME_FORMATTER_WITH_SECONDS
  • Citations
SAK-16030: Using an attribute in tool-session (instead of the initialization id) to tell whether the helper is initialized.
SAK-13783: Added methods to preserve request state across requests
  • Content
SAK-15980: remove dojo library from 2.5.x (in content)
SAK-13783: Security Issue
SAK-15999: Security Issue
SAK-13783: Added methods to preserve request state across requests
  • Chat
SAK-11675: Accessibility: Multiple form fields unlabeled in Chat
SAK-13782: Chat - Tool state can lead to incorrect behaviour accessing multiple chat rooms from different browser tabs
  • MessageCenter
SAK-14564: NPE when accessing permissions manager
SAK-13780: security issue
  • Melete
Manually applied ME-930 (external links with I18N characters on title)
  • Metaobj
SAK-13076: Static Code Review: Found static field of type java.text.DateFormat in org.sakaiproject.util.DateWidgetFormat.MM_DD_YYYY
  • Reference
Applied r59417
Applied r59616
  • Site
SAK-14198: fix NPE when a tool doesnt exist and the Tool object is used directly
  • Site-Manage
SAK-13054: Security Issue
  • T&Q
SAK-14614: (Static code review) Samigo Trusting input from internet leading to arbitary code executation through Internet Explorer on client computer
  • Util
SAK-13075: Static Code Review: Found static field of type java.text.DateFormat in org.sakaiproject.time.impl.MyTime.RFC822DATEFORMAT
  • Web
SAK-13077: Static Code Review: Incorrect lazy initialization and update of static field org.sakaiproject.web.tool.IFrameAction.allowedMacrosList in org.sakaiproject.web.tool.IFrameAction.initState(SessionState, VelocityPortlet, JetspeedRunData)


  • Announcement
SAK-4559: confusing MOTD interface - email notificaiton option is given but appears not to work
  • Assignment
SAK-15798: Resubmission date set to the past if 'Accept until' already occurred
  • Chat
SAK-13394: Chat Room does not refresh automatically when using Opera browser, requires manual refresh.
  • Gradebook
SAK-11588: All Grades page crashes IE when large number of students/gb items viewed at once
SAK-15682: Gradebook export does not work with several locales
  • Profile
SAK-11011: AgentUUID field in Sakai_PERSON_T table is too small for some cases
  • Reference
SAK-15804: Replace Install and Readme text content with URL pointers to online documentation
  • Site, Tool, Sakai-Mock
SAK-14198: My Workspace pages & tools do not respect system or user locale preferences
  • Site-Manage
SAK-15831: Portuguese typos in Site Info
SAK-15917: Unable to exit 'Confirming site tools for...' page of Worksite Setup
  • Access, Announcement, Assignment, Calendar, Content, Velocity
SAK-3825: chef_dateselectionwidget makes assumptions about date format (I18N)
  • Message Center
SAK-15281: User gets an alert when trying to edit an existing topic's settings in the Forums tool
SAK-13242: Forums / topic settings-attachment
SAK-11586: Attachment icons not displayed for common file types
  • Message Center/Syllabus
SAK-13902: Simplify file type icon display logic
  • MetaObj
SAK-13855: Content-Type header incorrect for rendered metaobj items
SAK-15537: Metaobj NullPointerExceptions after selecting 'Save' multiple times
SAK-15864: Carriage Return in <xs:annotation><xs:documentation> breaks File Upload in OSP Form
  • Tests & Quizzes
SAK-15033: Duplicate Submit button when taking linear assessment via Published Assessment URL
SAK-15755: Send manual adjustment scores to Gradebook for students with no submission (recording last score)
SAK-14912: Time column in Submitted Assignments changed to n/a when manual score adjustment made
SAK-15408: Not sure about Apache Axis use within Samigo
  • User
SAK-15300: NPE when committing, cancelling from Preferences page
  • Velocity
SAK-14729: Velocity date selector incorrectly rendered for some locales
  • Wiki
SAK-12831: fix nested comments style
SAK-12712: fix for some buttons not being multi-lingual
SAK-13578: fix link and image buttons
SAK-11678: fix table accessibility
SAK-12107: localisation fixes
SAK-12828: Radeox filter error from bad HTML


  • Assignment
SAK-15285: Wrong Portuguese translation indicates a different action
SAK-15007: Possible ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in BaseAssignmentService
SAK-14505: Non-electronic submissions should not be auto-created
SAK-14826: adjust group selection widget to avoid iframe scrollbars
  • Calendar
SAK-13050: Unparseable date error in selectDate within CalendarBean
SAK-15404: Alert message for failure to choose a group when adding a schedule item is inconsistent with the alert generated by other tools
  • Gradebook
SAK-15515: Course Grades page scalability
SAK-13829: fix for gradebook stacktrace with weighted gradebooks
SAK-13558: fix for gradebook stacktrace with weighted gradebooks
SAK-15514: Re-enable Gradebook tests on 2.5.x
SAK-6566: Less verbose logging
  • Content
SAK-15507: security issue
SAK-15474: some mime types missing in resources
SAK-15619: OpenOffice content types
SAK-15626: MS OOXML content types
SAK-15623: add GZip content type
SAK-15623: add GZip content type minor correction
SAK-15621: add Ogg Vorbis content type
  • Message Center
SAK-14073: Forums - Canceling Changes in "Template Settings" Still Saves Them
SAK-13885: Re-evaluate insertion of Permission Levels upon startup for clustered environment
SAK-15451: Forums attachments are not accessible to participants in a new site after duplicate or wsetup import
SAK-13735: Forums allows assigning grade which is greater than maximum value with no warning
  • Podcasts
SAK-10756: Refactored to replace deprecated addResource method call as well as remove uninformative error message
  • Polls
SAK-13034: remove possible null paths based on code review
  • Portal
SAK-13437: include queryString in HELPER_DONE_URL
  • Reference
SAK-15680: delete obsolete docbook project
SAK-15691: move contents to /release-mgmt and delete
SAK-14896: Some buttons do not work in Opera
  • Search
SAK-14174: Deleted items not removed from shared index
  • Site-manage
SAK-15671: page order resets pages to the bottom if they are left in edit mode when the order is saved
SAK-14723: Secondary sort order should be alphabetical by name column in Site Info when sorting by other column
  • SIS
Allow selection of past courses/sections
Fixed id generation
  • T&Q
SAK-15576: uploaded file (jpg) is not viewable after submission
SAK-14513: Obsolete unused files
SAK-14296: Preview Assessments should work all the time
SAK-14151: NPE in ItemAuthorBean
SAK-14144: Correct the copyright content in XMLController.java
SAK-13161: Clean up unused jsp files under question pool module
SAK-12840: In Samigo, Randomize setting for MCQ options are not exported


  • SIS-UV
Make option to show past sections available to both admin and users


  • SIS-UV
Added option to show past sections
  • BlogWOW
Updated to 0.9.9
  • Gradebook
SAK-13224: Gradebook Service pom.xml missing a <groupId>
  • Site, Reference
SAK-14482: mercuty and worksite sites have old assignment tools
  • Search
SAK-13246: Search to index filenames of resources
  • Assignment
SAK-14715: changed terminology of 'open date' and 'due date'
  • Tool
SAK-14949: security issue
  • Content
SAK-13556: Add the ability to support flash video
Revised (incomplete patch):SAK-13675: Adding New Items Scrambles Custom Order in Resources
  • Reference
SAK-15523: Add movie plugin to FCKEditor
  • T&Q
SAK-15302: Question Pools: Add New Pool does not create pool
  • Velocity
SAK-14689: security issue
  • Webservices
SAK-14170: disallowFunctionForRole reports success but does not accomplish goal


  • Tomcat
Removed custom 404, 500 error pages => some tools entered an endless loop in IE6


  • Content
Fixed memory issue in zipping operation for: 'Download all' in DropBox
  • Assignments
SAK-15285: Wrong Portuguese translation indicates a different action


  • Tomcat
Added custom 404, 500 error pages
Changed log from ERROR to INFO when no sites with specified Id are found (not yet created)
Set "sections_externally_maintained" to false on site creation
  • Infotip
Fixed infotip in individual student grading page in Assignements (broken by validator.escapeHtml())
  • Calendar
SAK-544: fix i18n calendar printing
  • Announcement
SAK-4244: consistency in public/private formish controls settings
SAK-13474: Increase length of announcement channel to 255 chars
  • Assignment
SAK-14501: unchecked assignment grade is blank when returned to student
SAK-15038: double brackets in Assignments > Grade Scale > Points
  • Help
Updated help docs
  • Web
SAK-15009: Escape output
  • Content
SAK-15021: XSS
SAK-12533: Reduced logger warn to logger debug for routine message. Also extracted method to avoid duplicated code where that message appears.
SAK-11668: Accessibility: Incorrect table summary in Resources
  • Gradebook
SAK-13029: Generic Jira: Code can generate nulpointer exceptions (Static code review)
  • T&Q
Multiple bugfixes
  • Message Center
SAK-14730: fix dutch 404 error
  • Site-Manage
SAK-12898: Adding proper encoding to edit page requests
  • DB
SAK-13028: Generic Jira: Code can generate nulpointer exceptions (Static code review)
  • Message
SAK-13032: Generic Jira: Code can generate nulpointer exceptions (Static code review)
  • MailArchive
SAK-14691: Escape value
  • Syllabus
SAK-4244: public view options should be consistant between tools
  • Linktool
SAK-15010: Escape output


  • Email Service
SAK-15136: JVM threads locks on SMTP server unavailability
  • Message Center
Added profile tips (InfoTip)
  • Image-Gallery
Updated to use most recent version of fluid-components
UFP-33: Custom CSS
GAL-113: Images with MIME type image/pjpeg are not listed
Changed from 5AM (+- 60sec) sleep time to 5AM (+ 300sec)


  • Announcements
SAK-13110: In options, "List view with announcement body" displays the number of characters
SAK-3807: The problem of change in the announcement list sort order upon modification, was resloved
  • Assignments
SAK-14443: Checkmarked assignments cannot be unchecked
SAK-14123: Too strong truncation of assignment title
SAK-13552: NPE in check for content review under some configurations
  • Authz
SAK-12998: Potential NPE and minor cleanup (static code review)
  • Calendar
SAK-14263: add missing 'goto today' button
SAK-12409: Inconsistent use of colons next to form fields
  • Content
SAK-3804: Long URLs do not wrap, creating horizontal scrollbar in Resources
  • Message (MOTD)
SAK-11565: MOTD does not respect availability dates
  • Presentation
SAK-10160: Changed the name from Presentation to Presentations
  • Profile
SAK-3151: My Profile - change wording of pull-down menu shown in search results
  • Reports
SAK-13903: Fixed transform
SAK-12647: Changed the case of dw_users in the report to match the way it is defined.
SAK-13936 Remove erroneous help.id value from tool reg file
  • Sections
SAK-13214: Sections-app pom.xml <testiNcludes> element should be <testIncludes>
  • Site
SAK-12441: reclaim bit of whitespace for wsiteinfo display
  • SiteManage
Added username to new guest account notification email ('Your username is ____')
SAK-12532: Better log message when no setup.request from site setup
SAK-12693: potentialy deceptive alert: Site exists
SAK-8250: Site Info allows site title to be greater than 20 characters
SAK-13132: Performance problems in site info saving updates to sites with many groups
SAK-14082: renaming a tool causes the order to change incorrectly
SAK-11625: Editing page leaves first sortbale item 'selected' for key board use but doesn't deselect when the mouse is used.
  • T&Q
SAK-13166: When creating a new part, the part title should be a mandatory field
SAK-13991: When an assignment is removed, we should be able to reuse its title
SAK-14294: Email sent to wrong student if more than one students' Email links in grading pages
SAK-13496: attempt to copy questions into pool with no pools needs error message
SAK-12796: Typo on assessment types page
SAK-13048: When clicking Cancel on "Retract Now" page, should return to "Settings" page
SAK-13985: Question is not inserted to the correct position
SAK-14271: Feature Request: Disable Save for Later button for Timed Assignment
SAK-14218: Out of date ReadMe file
  • Web
SAK-12110: Add extra check to make sure the toolsession is not null in the case where the service is being used from a batch job, web service, or some other import scenario where there is no browser ad no user.
SAK-8279: Certain locations cause NPE in IFrameAction.doMacroExpansion
  • Wiki
SAK-14327: 'Minor Change' should be elaborated on so users know what functionality it has when clicked
SAK-14298: Fixes When a user ticks 'Minor Change' and saves a wiki page, a notification is still sent out.
SAK-12452: Error page when instructor disables the Edit function in Info page when student is online and in the same page with instructor
  • Syllabus
SAK-12177: added check so if print friendly page is loaded into iframe, a tool reset is done
SAK-12585: fixed thrown PermissionException arguments as described in JIRA
  • SiteStats
STAT-111: Db vendor not correctly determined
STAT-112: (More) HibernateException and other Exceptions differentiation at SiteStats
Changed from dynamic sleep time to 5AM (+- 60sec)


  • Announcements
SAK-14376: announcement notification should include URL of site not base Sakai URL
SAK-13512: Setting Specify Dates in Announcement results in no reply address as Sender instead of sender's name and email address
SAK-14000: The NullPointerException is eliminated when updating or merging
SAK-6755: The option to "View By Group" is enabled at all the time as "View Public"
SAK-11931: Error displays for permissions in MOTD
  • Assignments
SAK-14595: Assignment returns a 404 when exporting grades as xls
SAK-13612: String 'Points' is not localizable in viewing the detail of assignment
SAK-12644: deleting assignments causes error when remaining number < "Show X items"
SAK-12353: Gradebook does not show the point correctly
  • Authz
SAK-14345 SAK-14345: localize text in realms tool
  • Assignments, Calendar, Gradebook, Content, Roster
SAK-13943: merge updated portuguese translation
  • DB
SAK-13070: Static Code Review: Inconsistent synchronization of org.apache.commons.dbcp.SakaiBasicDataSource.m_rollbackOnReturn; locked 50% of time
  • Calendar
SAK-14792: use toContext in entity copies
SAK-12675: Fixed NPE from EventSummary.setAttachments
SAK-13482: Capitalize first letter of month
  • Chat
SAK-14566: Chat NPE checks (patches from Carl Hall)
SAK-14567: Chat NPE checks (patches from Carl Hall)
  • Content
SAK-11722: Will only report if the test fails, will not say anything if passes
SAK-14251: fix hardcoded string
  • Message Center
SAK-12847: unexpected end of subtree in Hibernate query. An empty site list was sent to the query, causing the Hibernate error
SAK-12685: forums/forum topics are accessible via "Next Topic" link when they shouldn't be.
SAK-11514: Multiple paths to ppt.gif are incorrect
  • Polls
SAK-13561: make hardcoded language string L18N'able
  • T & Q
SAK-12576: Secondary sort order should be firstname in questions page
SAK-14898: Delete Samigo stand-alone build readme file (README.STANDALONE.txt)
SAK-13190: Order of options of a multiple choice questions is different for student and faculty
SAK-14874: Grades are not sent to Gradebook when the assessment is submitted by SubmitTimedAssessmentThread
SAK-9633: When you export an assessment with a survey question, it is not exported in the preferences language
  • Wiki
SAK-8663: Incorporate Right To Left text into Wiki CSS
SAK-14492: Width not adjusted for pages with large images
  • Reference
SAK-14008: Added version.service and version.sakai, along with a comment explaining how the values are used to display the version message at the bottom of each page.
  • Reports
SAK-10429: fixed some keys
  • Site
SAK-12152: code casts to service impl
  • Velocity
SAK-6550: NPE in PagedResourceActionII.prepPage
  • Site Stats
STAT-99: Ability to report on anonymous access to files
STAT-84: Change text "Read" to "Opened"
STAT-110: Duplicate SessionFactory
  • News Feeds
NFS-43: No feeds displayed when feeds are aggregated if a feed fails to load
Remove orphaned entries from TEACHES on data updates


  • Web
SAK-11941: reset button on web content tool
  • Portal
Regression: user name of logged in user not shown
  • Authz
SAK-12149: code casts to service impl
  • Entity
SAK-12151: code casts to service impl
  • Search
SAK-13369: Links in RSS feeds are not fully qualified
  • Util
SAK-12153: code casts to service impl
  • Announcements
SAK-13434: NPE when building menu
SAK-14790: EntityTransferrer copies entities to "Current Context" instead of "destination context"
  • Chat
SAK-14835: security issue
  • Site-manage
SAK-12898: Support for I18N characters in page order
SAK-14836: security issue
  • Content
SAK-14836: security issue
  • Calendar
SAK-14836: security issue
  • Assignment
SAK-14836: security issue
SAK-14549: Null pointers involved with ContentReviewService
SAK-14514: NPE from assignment submission
  • Sam
SAK-12096: Time counter and progressBar desynchronization on Timed Assessments
SAK-13125: Timer does not display correct time in browsers (IE7 and Safari) when Popup reminder, "5 minutes", is displayed
Ability to delete a site from SISUV and Sakai DB (admin only)


Changed translation: "Próxima" => "Seguinte"
Added admin features: [Pending sites, manual course site creation]
Updated to Wicket 1.3.5 --> Google Chrome is now supported
  • Chat
SAK-13001: Use .equals() instead of ==
SAK-12445: Error deleting chat message
SAK-14754: Error deleting chat message
SAK-13836: Multi-Paragraph messages are not posted
SAK-13507: chat mangles usernames in presence list
SAK-13925, SAK-14471, SAK-14756: Fix issues relating to chat body handling
SAK-12891: Add Message button in Chat does not work for Safari
SAK-14777: Unwanted horizontal scrollbar in IE7 when vertical scrollbar appears
  • Search
SAK-12862: MergeUpdateOperationTest test failure fix
  • Newsfeeds
NFS-33: Updated to wicket 1.3.5 to make ajax work on Google Chrome (wicket ajax supported in chrome >=
NFS-41: Harmonize tool name and pom artifact Id names
  • JSF
SAK-3998: add class/id hooks to sakai jsf widgets


  • Calendar
SAK-6972: Add Merge functionality to My Workspace Schedule tool
SAK-14727: Calendar Summary is not aware of new merge functionality in My Workspace Schedule tool
SAK-14522: Calendar / merged Calendar don't show in the synoptic announcement tool of the site they are merged into
  • Markup
Update to 0.4.0
  • I18N
SAK-14715: Fixed typos with words finishing in 'mente'
  • BlogWOW
BW-48: RSS Feed for the site
  • Discussion
Remove discussion2forums conversion utility, (old) discussion tool
  • Announcements
SAK-13276: announcement / delayed email notification does not work
SAK-9116: Not fully i18n
SAK-12406: The problem of specified dates not sticking after attachement is resolved.
SAK-2928: Sites with more than 10 Announcements do not display properly (sort order is wrong, sorts wrong group of announcements)
SAK-6753: "View By Group" is fixed in announcement to view group messages.
SAK-13850: Option to delete announcements, when viewed by group, has been added.
SAK-14021: The update and cancel buttons are retained, even when the user does not have revise permissions.
SAK-14022: delete.any & delete.own does not work for access users, if revise.any & revise.own permissions are not enabled respectively
SAK-12406: announcements / specify dates not sticking after adding attachment
  • Assignments
SAK-14505: Non-electronic submissions should not be auto-created
SAK-12728: Incorrect internationalization of the texts in Grade Scale
  • Gradebook
SAK-13672: Ambiguous getter for "category" property of Assignment domain class
  • Site-manage
SAK-12497: Redundant wording in instructions
SAK-12476: Setting a group title longer than 99 chars causes an error
  • Profile
SAK-13957: fix email alignment in profile
  • Content
SAK-13913: XSS Vulnerability in Resource's Description
SAK-13675: Adding New Items Scrambles Custom Order in Resources
SAK-14625: Add group/section filter to Dropbox
  • Help
SAK-14615: {static code review} Help trusting tainted input
  • Section
SAK-12241: Editing section name doesn't update section description
  • Message Center
SAK-14382: Include sender's campus e-mail address on "From" line
  • Chat
SAK-14150: ChatDelivery doesn't ecape names or messages for javascript
  • Samigo
SAM-599: FireFox 3.0.1 with In-Line Rendering of .mov or .swf quiz content: plug-ins not recognized
SAK-13930: XSS cross site scripting issue exists in Samigo
SAK-13545: Missing confirm screen after Submit for Grading (reopened)
  • Rwiki
SAK-7430: Improve default Home Page for RWiki


  • discussion2forums
Add utility to convert from old Discussion tool to Forums tool


Use SISUV db instead of GEPUV
Automatically remove students who left sections from site/groups
Use Lock value for concurrent SISUpdateService calls
Add indexes/primary keys to SISUV
  • UFPUV Providers
Disabled obsolete GroupProvider
Use external-user API for blacklist
  • UFPUV external-user
Added isBlackListed(String userId) to API
  • Preferences
Hidden Syllabus preferences with property "prefs.research.collab=true"
  • Blog WOW
Added Blog Wow (stealthed)
  • Blogger
Removed Blogger
  • Wiki
SAK-13392: Width not adjusted for pages with large images
  • Content
Updated pt_PT bundles
  • Assignments
Updated pt_PT bundles
  • JSF, Component
SAK-14188: Orphaned pager_*.propertie should be removed (clarify fr_FR locale)
  • User
SAK-7620 : Improve exception error messages when authentication fails
  • Message (Announcements)
SAK-14407: 'annc.new' event is logged to SAKAI_EVENT when Announcements tool is added to a site
  • Assignment
SAK-13061:Inconsistent date strings in ASSIGNMENT_SUBMISSION
SAK-14028:Assignment confirmation mail contains HTML in plain text section
  • Announcement
SAK-14080: The sort order of listed Groups in Announcements is inconsistent with that in other tools.
  • Chat
SAK-11875: Chat messages aren't always delivered
  • Portal
SAK-14234: Authorization headers should be omitted from bug reports


Changed CESE code to 7 ( = CET)
Only list sections present in SECTION table (hide old requests)
Apply style class to site and section tooltip links
  • UFPUV Providers
User information built with correct email address (check for LDAP attr 'mailForwardingAddress')
Fixed bugs pointed out by FindBugs (closing resources)
Fixed pom.xml files
  • UFPUV External Access Users
Fixed bugs pointed out by FindBugs (closing resources)
Fixed pom.xml files
  • UFPUV Jobs
Fixed pom.xml files
  • UFPUV Maintenance
Fixed bugs pointed out by FindBugs (closing resources)
Fixed pom.xml files
  • News Feeds
NFS-35: err.io is shown instead of proper error message
NFS-36: Allow feed read timeout to be configurable
NFS-37: Silently discard errors from feeds when aggregating multiple feeds
NFS-38: Add more view filters
Fixed some issues reported by FindBugs
NFS-39: Fixed major issues reported by CodeReview, FindBugs and PMD
NFS-40: Add option to validate feeds on subscribe/import
  • Site Stats
Fixed some issues reported by FindBugs
STAT-97: error in quartz job when event processing launches an error
  • Reference and Login
SAK-14014: fix for styles to relogin form
  • Assignments
SAK-14409: problem with asn.all.group in grading view
  • All other tools
Help updated


Added additional checks
Site creation now done in separate thread
  • Site Stats
Switched to 2.5.x branch
  • News Feeds
Switched to 2.5.x branch


Added checks to SISServiceImpl.getCoursesByIds()
Added debug messages to site creation process
Localized 'Processing' string
  • Chat
SAK-13925: XSS cross site scripting issue exists in Chat tool
  • Roster:
Changed from 'Todas' to 'Todos'
  • Info Tip
Also check roster permissions if profile permissions denied request action


  • Wiki
SAK-14295: (en) Spelling error
  • Site Info
UFP-32: Change checkAddParticipant() to pick up UFP user instead of guest account with the same email
  • Markup
Add tool to UFPUV build
UFP-30: Use custom UFPUV skin
UFP-31: Add 'markup.read' log events
  • Site Stats
STAT-95: Add support for Markup tool


  • Site Stats
Move data from 'sakai.SST_%' tables to 'sitestats.SST_%'
Use 'sitestats' DB for SiteStats instead of 'sakai' DB
  • Roster
Updated UFP-23 patch to reflect correct behavior (below)
  • InfoTip
Updated to reflect correct behavior (below)
  • Roster behavior (by design)
If "roster.viewofficialphoto" is set, official photo must be accessible in "Photos" page and in each profile (regardless of public/private hidden flag in profile).


  • Assignments
SAK-11623: The student column, should only display a list of students, and not display instructor.
SAK-7692: Sort Assignment list with most recent due date at top instead of bottom as the default
  • Content
SAK-13919: Binary entities that were converted from XML with the conversion utility, and had groups, have incorrect flags
SAK-13827: Content conversion fails with stock 2.5.x....
  • Calendar
Changed 'Último evento' to 'Evento anterior'
Changed 'Criar evento' to 'Guardar evento'
SAK-14263: Bottom button bar misses 'Goto Today' button
  • Event
SAK-14145: event-shared-deploy pom.xml lists wrong parent
SAK-7428: Sakai Data truncated for column 'SESSION_USER_AGENT'
SAK-5841: Posting an over-length REF field for an event causes a db write error
  • Site
SAK-13842: Remove Recent Discussions from mercury site (must execute '/servicos/sakai-build/src/site/site-impl/impl/src/sql/mysql/sakai_site_2_5_3.sql')
  • Site Manage
SAK-14046: Site Info Summary: Display of co- instructor names
SAK-13958: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability exists in the Worksite Setup/Site Info tool
  • Gradebook
Fixed table column width due to infotip
  • Message Center
SAK-13229: Alert was not shown up when the title of the new folder was "Sent" or "Received" or "Deleted".
SAK-11130: Localization breaks default folders in Messages (was Message Center/Messages) because of internationalization bug (official patch)
SAK-13909: Forums Events forums.revisetopic and forums.newtopic REFs are misformed
SAK-12962: Event message.delete weird encoding generated by DiscussionForumTool.processDfMsgDeleteConfirmYes()
SAK-11518: message(s) plurals in thread view
SAK-14290: Missing message bundle in messages
  • Search
SAK-13999: 'You do not have permission' results showing up inappropriately
  • Chat
SAK-13731: Permission description mangles international characters
  • Blog
SAK-13955: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability exists in the Blogger tool
revs: 50642 and 50643
  • Wiki
SAK-13526: Wiki notifications sent to users for the changes made in the Wiki are not detailed
SAK-12032: Notification digest adds spaces between I18N characters
SAK-14076: Information disclosure in wiki notification emails
  • Roster
SAK-13585: Hide entire profile does not hide the profile
  • Courier/Chat
SAK-11875: Chat messages aren't always delivered
  • Util
SAK-13899: Add contextual identification for localization properties bundles & keys
SAK-14032: ResourceLoader.getLocale( userId ) does not default to system locale
  • Web
SAK-12925: An RSS feed with UTF-8 encoded characters for title links is incorrectly transformed onto the URL.
  • Reference
SAK-14232: Add 2.5.0-2.5.2 conversion script to trunk & 2.5.x branch
adding 2.5.x branch conversion script for SAK-11130 change
adding 2.5.x branch conversion script for SAK-13842
SAK-14233: Create 2.5.2-2.5.3 conversion scripts in reference/doc/conversion
Removed screen blinking before presenting courses/sections to users
  • Site Stats
STAT-43: unexpected end of subtree
STAT-87: Error loading users in site in Report
STAT-85: Ability to specify a different DB for the SiteStats tables
  • DB
SAK-13557: Hibernate Transaction Manager should have the datasource set on it along with the session factory so it can manage JDBC as well
SAK-12458: Improve performance of hibernate and other things that use DB connections without actually calling the DB via lazy proxy
  • Tool
SAK-8946: Portal deep linking to pages in RSF tools doesn't work
  • Master
SAK-14132: /master pom.xml: add <distributionManagement>
  • pom.xml
SAK-14146: Base pom: update javadoc plugin configuration
SAK-14148: Base pom: add taglib <profile>


  • DAV
SAK-13841: fix problem with Mac 10.5.3+; improve efficiency by not copying data to local array
  • DB
SAK-14084: Change DBFlat Caching To Use MemoryService
SAK-14079: Make the DbFlat cache TTL configurable from sakai.properties
  • Site
Revert change in 2-5-x (probable cause of concurrency issues)
  • Metaobj
SAK-12842: Wrong form saved if two forms opened for revise


Hide UI elements when no courses/sections are available for selection to instructor
  • News Feeds
Also do parallel loading for aggregated feeds NFS-23: Parallel loading of feeds
NFS-25: OPML Import/Export
NFS-26: Change background color to better match default sakai skin
NFS-27: If aggregating feeds, load indicator appears even if not subscribed to any feeds


  • Announcements
SAK-14080: The sort order of listed Groups in Announcements is inconsistent with that in other tools
  • Site
SAK-14070: Site caching needs a little work
  • News Feeds
Alternative approach with ThreadPoolExecutor NFS-23: Parallel loading of feeds


  • Mneme Test Center
Updated pt_PT bundles
  • UFPUV-Providers
Fixed findUserByEmail() (SiteInfo.addParticipants failed to add participants by userEid)
  • Rwiki
SAK-13578: Link and image buttons fail
SAK-14071: Save button fail


  • UFPUV-Providers
findByEmail() resolves to @ufp.pt and @ufp.edu.pt (SiteInfo.AddParticipant, EmailArchive, etc)
  • Webservices: GEPSync
Only update changed fields, use new email domain for new entries
  • DB, Site, Portal
SAK-13886: Add Cacheing to DbFlat - Reduce the number of queries generated by the Portal Display
  • Content Review
SAK-13603: add TransientSubmissionException


Updated to Wicket 1.3.4
Disable 'Next' button when no sections are available
  • News Feeds
NFS-20: Do not deploy entitybroker-api into tomcat/components/
NFS-21: Some feeds incorrectly report 404 HTTP CODE
NFS-22: Aggregate view for feeds fails if feed has no source link
NFS-23: Parallel loading of feeds
NFS-24: Cache authenticated feeds
  • Content Review
SAK-13941: Change type o fid in ContentReviewItem to Long from long
  • Site Info
SAK-13628: When a site doesn't have a creator, velocity variable is outputted in Worksite setup
  • User
SAK-12435: Add test code demonstrating how a user provider might create and update Sakai-stored user records (with a certain amount of hoop-jumping)
  • Calendar
SAK-5960: sort groups for event details
  • Resources
SAK-13721: sort groups for event details
  • Assignment
SAK-13789: Assignments Disclosure of Information - multi tab browsing</>
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