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Student year status now changing in 1st, August only.
  • BigBlueButton
Upgraded bbb-1.0.x branch up to 1.0.2 equivalent.


  • Elluminate
Upgraded from Elluminate Unicon based adapter to Elluminate Sakai Bridge 1.0
  • BigBlueButton
Deployed 1.0.x for testing purposes
  • Entitybroker
Upgraded to 1.3.9 (requirement for Sakai BigBlueButton tool)


  • Assignments
Reverted to 2.6.2
  • Content
Reverted SAK-18282


  • Assignments
Reverted SAK-15968: Use efficient methods when building assignment list which is causing SAK-18508: Unable to submit submission and return submission to student after attaching a file


  • Supervisions
Fixed case where Administratives could not see plan list
  • Message Center
MSGCNTR-277: Deleting the first message in a thread causes orphaned messages and counts


  • Assignments
SAK-18452: Upload all doesn't clean up tmp file
SAK-15968: Use efficient methods when building assignment list
SAK-17451: Clicking on 'Reorder' when grading an assignment replaces student grade by "$value_grade"
  • Content
  • Image-Gallery
Improved custom CSS
  • Podcasts
SAK-14647: Split i18n sentence breaking L10n in Podcasts
  • Presence
SAK-18475: Presence list creates unnecessary objects (expensive CPU/GC)
  • Reset-Pass
UFP-43: Adapted instructions to local needs
  • Syllabus
  • Tool
SAK-18476: fr_FR L10n for 2.6 or later of tool/tool-tool/su/src/bundle/tool-tool-su.properties
  • T&Q
Some bugfixes
Fixed case where student is not properly re-activated on site.


  • DAV
  • Gradebook
SAK-12056: Inadequate UI hints leading to users entering incorrect scores when percentage grading is enabled
  • Kernel
KNL-472: DELETE_DATE should be datetime not date on mysql
KNL-454: Generation of database errors possilbe if RSS Alias number of characters is large
KNL-450: BaseContentService.allowUpdate over restrictive in several ways
KNL-426: Site Info / Import from Site with replace can orphan files in Resources
KNL-396: CC3D Types aren't correctly served as inline.
KNL-387: sakai.properties is not an i18n property file and should not have corresponding L10n files
KNL-381: Type mistmatch with imported resources - BaseContentService bug
KNL-267: contextual identification for localization properties bundles & keys (en_DEBUG) doesn't work with at least one locale set in JVM settings
  • News Feeds
NFS-51: Ability to change tool and/or page title
NFS-52: Support multiple tool instances
  • Site-Manage
  • Web/Home/Site Info Display
SAK-18367: Adding an image via Options (on site homepage) displays html tagging not image itself



SAK-18383: Selecting 'Add Attachments' during Assignment grading results in - Alert: You are not allowed to grade submission null.


Removed custom error page from conf/web.xml (infinite loop in IE when accessing /portal)


  • Assignment
SAK-13750: "Send me one email per day summarizing notifications for student submissions" does not send 1 email summarizing the assignments
  • Announcement
  • Calendar
SAK-16902: Next month button jumps 2 months
  • Chat
SAK-17408: NullPointerException in Chat tool
  • Citations
  • Gradebook
SAK-16673: Incorrect internationalization & bad translation in spanish
  • JobScheduler
SAK-18257: items in the new job drop down are randomly ordered
  • Kernel
KNL-459: Not specifying a site id leads to sql error
  • MessageCenter
  • Portal
SAK-18093: Title is not Properly Rendered in a JSR-168 Portlet when http.session is set to container
SAK-13228: DHTML more tabs may be incorrect when course site with no term is present
SAK-17033: Error message when adding guest with banned domain isn't good
  • Site-Manage
SAK-17552: not able to change term in "Add Roster" process
SAK-16929: can't add a roster to an old course
  • T&Q
Minor bugfixes
Do not query STUDENT table to get current status, but compute it instead.
  • User
  • UserMembership
  • Web


  • Assignments
SAK-18234: instructor couldn't release grade to student if there is a feedback attachment for grading
  • MessageCenter
MSGCNTR-145: i18n for "Insert original text here"
MSGCNTR-82: Forums shows deleted message indication in threaded views
  • Tasklist
Dates now respect user timezone and locale
  • T&Q
Minor bugfixes


  • Kernel
KNL-445: added test case and fix for EId's that are longer than the DB storage limit
  • MOTD2
Faster rendering of MOTD2 viewer page
Improved caching
  • Site-Manage
SAK-17006: Web content tool reset after editing tool list
SAK-17289: Worksite setup doesn't recognise tools properly if their toolId is similar to another tool
  • Supervision
added fail-over method for group membership


  • Announcements
SAK-17551: announcements RSS generator supplies an incorrect link as a target of the News tool's 'graphic version' link
  • Assignments
SAK-17059: Next button when grading removes a grade release
SAK-17851: In assignment submission grading view, user clicks on "Return to List" without saving entered grading information
SAK-17976: Clicking on Add assignments link generates warning in the log file
SAK-17964: Have tools using jQuery-UI use latest version in reference
SAK-17927: Resetting state of tool can lead to lost attachment
SAK-17854: Incorrect submission count when deleting assignments
SAK-16151: NullPointerException in Assignment tool
SAK-18062: Assignments of type Pass / Fail does not allow re-submissions
SAK-18134: Saving draft assignment creates announcement when the announcement option is checked
  • Authz
SAK-16641: Bug translation & internationalization
  • Calendar
SAK-18083: commons.codec missing in 2.6
  • Content
SAK-15028: NPE when getting property
SAK-11122: check for a null entioty returned
  • Elluminate
Deploy of Elluminate/Unicon Sakai tool connected to test server
  • Gradebook
  • MailArchive
  • MessageCenter
MSGCNTR-167: i18n errors when composing and forwarding e-mails
MSGCNTR-42: Toggle options in forum message options are not internationalized
MSGCNTR-250: NPE when clicking Save in Organize a second time
MSGCNTR-167: i18n errors when composing and forwarding e-mails
MSGCNTR-82: Forums shows deleted message indication in threaded views
  • Reference
SAK-17783: Resource Names and folder icons misaligned in IE8 in Dropbox
Added ufpuv_2-6 skin variant for EaD site
  • Roster
(r73825) Do not show inactive users
SAK-15479: Unable to export Roster with UTF-8 character names
  • RWiki
SAK-16355: rwiki/rwiki-util/radeox/src/bundle/org/radeox/Messages.properties contains a key that is not an i18n one
  • Web
  • Site-Manage
SAK-17412: Manage Groups doesn't sort groups by title
SAK-17213: groups / group member list is not alphabetized correctly after clicking
SAK-13635: Line Breaks removed from Plain Text Site Info Descriptions
SAK-17260: sticky roster problem in Site Info - previously added student missing course related information when later provided through CourseManagementService
SAK-17053: Auto groups includes deleted users
SAK-16497: Partcipant helper doesnt check emails for validity
SAK-16890: Admin Sites tool throws warning of "org.sakaiproject.site.impl.BaseSiteService - isCourseSite(): no site with id: " in log file
SAK-16901: the select all checkbox in "Auto Group" page in Site Info tool selects all checkboxes, including checkboxes for both rosters and roles
SAK-16362: after user was added in Site Info, auto-update role-based group membership accordingly
SAK-16545: Creating a course site reverts language to english for that session
SAK-15821: bug in the processConfirmContinue function of Add Participant module
  • SIS-UV
Make students inactive in site instead of removing them
  • Supervisor
Updated to jQuery 1.4.2
Minor bugfixes
Added synoptic tool


Retired: Agora Conferencing tool and Agora tomcat
Retired: Edia Maps and Edia Util
  • Message Center
MSGCNTR-185: Forums throws stack trace for .anon users
MSGCNTR-193: CLONE -Javascript files not loaded correctly in JSP files
  • NewsFeeds
NFS-47: Feed cache system can cause high memory consumption
  • Kernel
  • Supervision
Replaced [href="javascript:xxx"] by [href="#" onclick="xxx"]
Several other fixes


  • Assignments
SAK-16279: revert the r71561 change to merge SAK-16279 into 2.6.x
SAK-16295: Assignment action led to a submit and grade event for each submission and email notifications
SAK-16913: the attachment file from "single file upload" type of assignment is with "/Assignment/" inside its url instead of the normal "Assignments" pattern
SAK-17733: Assignment paging doesn't work if users haven't asn.revise permission
SAK-17205: New Assignments being created when Assignment title in gradebook alert is shown
SAK-15549: Filename with non-UTF8 characters break upload-all process
SAK-17196: Assignment Model Answer/Private Note/All Purpose Item Misrendered in IE8
  • Melete
UFP-41: Hide menu and date columns for anonymous users
  • UFPUV-Providers
Removed (no longer necessary) cache (UserService already caches this)
Admin support for Plan site types
  • Supervisor
bugfixes, new nifty features
  • Site-manage
SAK-17599: Improved sorting of site participant list doesn't work when sorting by status
  • SiteStats
STAT-206: Some report title characters prevent report export for Excel


  • Assignments
SAK-16279: fixed merge error of SAK-16279
  • Melete
Updated to Melete 2.7.2 (Features & Enhancements, 2.7.2 Resolved JIRA'S in 2.7.x)
  • Supervision
Get plan list in workflow editor by ajax
  • Syllabus
SAK-15793: Attachments to public syllabus are not viewable after initial fix - SAK-15571


  • Kernel
KNL-318: Make sure content streams are always closed
  • Supervisor
Minor bugfixes


  • Assignment
SAK-16279: When using the widget to navigate from submission to submission, the grades entered are not saved.
SAK-17589: Default resubmission date for newly created assignments set to Jan 1, 2002
  • Calendar
SAK-17511: IdUnusedException in Calendar tool
  • Kernel
KNL-345: update javadoc plugin to 2.6.1
KNL-339: remove redundant <scm>
KNL-352: WebSphere: unable to register PMI module due to duplicate name. Mapping clash for ServletWrapper
KNL-339: Remove maven scm information from all but toplevel POM
KNL-370: Unable to activate Content Hosting Handler
  • MailArchive
SAK-15808: mail archive loses body if charset is unknown
SAK-16852: Email archive / blank subject messages
  • Message Center
SAK-17198: DB2 - Forums breaks with big description lengths
SAK-17643: security issue
  • Site-Manage
SAK-17468: update news tool default feed URL
SAK-17699: Site duplication fails with NPE
  • SiteStats
STAT-219: Some "View complete report" links in Overview page presents reports with limited results (5 rows)
STAT-221: Report of events per tool and all users showing a table with user, dates and tools associates all the activity to only one user.
STAT-222: Event registry from EntityBroker (from 'Statisticable' capabilities) are not always up-to-date
  • Supervisor
Initial release of internal tool for beta testing purposes: 1.0-M1
  • T&Q
Some bugfixes
  • User
SAK-15254: NoSuchElementException updating Preferences - Double click/Multiple submissions


  • Assignment
SAK-17264: Assignments / accept until date shown to students
SAK-15833: Warning given when attachment added to assignment with due date in the past
SAK-17263: resubmission problem in assignment
SAK-17292: unnecessary alert of past resubmission dates when instructor is grading a submission
SAK-17081: Grammar / Wording Changes
SAK-16749: Grading assignment submission should not exit the navigation context
  • Calendar
SAK-17204: fix time skew on printable schedule
SAK-17512: NullPointerException in Calendar tool after Assignment tool removed from site
  • EntityBroker
SAK-17290: Error using fireRequest with POST method
  • Gradebook
SAK-17444: Update British Localization
SAK-16963: Problem with gradebook service if points are null
  • Kernel
KNL-326: Site archive format includes hashed user password
KNL-330: Comment out myfaces.zone.apache.org repo
KNL-333: 1.0.x branch: update <distributionManagement> transport protocol to scp
KNL-306: Access servlet displays hidden folders.
KNL-312: Permission aren't checked when displaying
KNL-340: Certain emails with a space in the Content-type from sakai are causing Horde/Imp to not display them
KNL-327: Permission checking for attachments is too restrictive
KNL-307: Adding New Items Scrambles Custom Order in Resources
KNL-237: DB2 - User search returns no results
  • Message Center
SAK-16818: In Forums, when grading a topic submission, entering invalid grade data generates erroneous "multiple tabs" error message
SAK-17371: Cancel button does not clear state; body text overwrites original message
  • Polls
SAK-13310: poll_details field is too small
  • Portal
SAK-17618: Don't set null content-type in portal static handler (causes websphere NPE)
  • Post'em
SAK-13714: encoding changes during creation of new PostEm feedback
SAK-17418: add commons-fileupload as a dependency
SAK-9441: Upgrade Post'em to use myfaces core-1.1.5
  • Rwiki
SAK-16712: Websphere - Wiki Rss Feed: Error 500
  • Search
SAK-16278: Websphere - Search-admin refreshes page
SAK-13246: only index the filename not the whole id
  • Sections
SAK-17415: upgrade tomahawk dependency to 1.1.6
  • SiteStats
STAT-215: Relax permissions on event aggregator metrics available through EntityProvider REST
STAT-216: Add description to event aggregator metrics available through EntityProvider
  • Site-Manage
SAK-17256: addconf.theywill in site-manage-tool/tool/src/bundle/sitesetupgeneric.properties is not used anymore
SAK-16862: Site info doesn't show site icon url
SAK-16317: When "nonOfficialAccount" is not true in sakai.properties, the note for non-official accounts still displays
SAK-16994: NPE in SiteAction when trying to remove inactive users
SAK-17228: When Home is not added at course creation, it cannot be added later when you have SAK-16747 settings
SAK-17407: Worksite Setup needs to catch null value returned by CourseManagementService's getSection() call
SAK-17437: clean template selection in site creation workflow
SAK-16878: the instruction text for using template site needs some adjustments
SAK-16489: Site Info Edit Tools no longer shows URL for Web Content or News tools
SAK-14046: Site Info Summary: Display of co- instructor names
  • Syllabus
SAK-14791: EntityTransferrer copies entities to "Current Context" instead of "destination context"
SAK-15450: Syllabus attachments are not accessible to participants in a new site after duplicate or wsetup import
SAK-15571: Public Syllabus item attachments inaccessible to anonymous users
  • T&Q
Several fixes


  • SiteStats
STAT-210: Provide event aggregator metrics available through EntityProvider

2009-11-20 (up to 2.6.1)

  • Announcement
SAK-15992: sakai.synoptic.announcement menu is not well formed
  • Assignment
SAK-16256: Site Archive (XML) import fails during Assignments merge
SAK-16546: Incorrect internationalization showing the grade pass/fail
SAK-16548: Incorrect internationalization showing the grade NO GRADE
SAK-13591: Assignments list includes inactive site members in In/New
SAK-14919: Default dates for All-Purpose Item should match Assignments/Announcements/Resources
SAK-16786: All Purpose Item - Show To does not allow expansion of "All AI/TA" list
17207: update *runconversion.sh instruction references to kernel and sakai versions (2.6.1/1.0.12)
  • Citations
SAK-15651: Missing categories file messages are now logged as INFO (not WARN)
SAK-15949: Always enable the previous page button if the starting record is > zero
SAK-15932: Re-enable the "next page" arrow when returning to a previous (or the first) search results page
  • Gradebook
SAK-16229: Gradebook / Import GB Item / Change "cancel" to "Cancel"
SAK-16228: Gradebook / Import Grades / Change "Student Id's" to "Student IDs"
SAK-16215: Gradebook / Import GB Item and Import Grades / Change ".csv" to "csv"
SAK-14568: NPE when accessing returnToPage state variable
SAK-16395: Widget on individual grade screen should save grades when clicking Next & Previous student -fixed student summary page
SAK-16979: Exported Gradebook shows incorrect Course Grade
  • Kernel
KNL-282: typo fix in testresources path
KNL-252: Add email recipients in the header to field for dropbox notifications
KNL-249: Improve comments in sakai-configuration.xml
KNL-226: Tool titles should be displayed in user's prefered language/locale
KNL-139: Upgrade cglib to 2.2
KNL-254: ToolComponent throws NPE if null tool id passed
KNL-230: Update Sakai maven plugin to 1.2.0
KNL-281: Base pom plugin dependencies missing <groupId>
KNL-228: <reporting> maven-jxr-plugin missing <artifactId>
KNL-210: Create variant of getResourcesOfType that restricts query to specific site/contexts
  • MetaObj
SAK-15911: Cannot tell result of Form save attempt - disallows autosave
SAK-14165: Portfolio assembly is slow with many completed Forms
  • Reference
SAK-15994, SAK-16734: Upgrading 2.6.x to FCKeditor]
SAK-15994: Fixing up svn:eol-style in 26x
SAK-17080: add 2.6.1 conversion scripts
SAK-17219: Conversion script for 2.6.1 is slow to run on large assignment data sets and should be improved
  • SakaiMock
SAK-8908: add new method to tool manager
  • Search
SAK-13771: lower log level from error to warn on transaction table check
  • Taggable
SAK-17180: update hibernate3-maven-plugin to ver 2.2
  • T&Q
SAK-15893: The default template settings do not seem to take effect in the Quick Create.


  • Assignements
SAK-17057: Saving an assignment grade releases the score to the student
SAK-16548: Incorrect internationalization showing the grade NO GRADE
SAK-16520: Property not translated to spanish language
SAK-16382: Resubmission prevents students seing originality reports
  • MessageCenter
SAK-16768: Forums/Previous & Next Message buttons do not work
  • Postem
SAK-16367: NPE when downloading postem entry that contains null data
  • Reference
SAK-16957 : IE 6 and 7 (calendar widget doesn't show any popup window when button is pushed)
  • SiteManage
SAK-16439: Exception thrown when creating Course site with no academic term selected
  • UFPUV-Sis
Splited admin update site feature in 'add section from db', 'remove site groups of sections not in db'


  • Announcements
SAK-16971: NPE in Announcement tool
  • Assignments
SAK-16470: missing merge
SAK-16916: Previous Returned Attachment URL broken in instructor view
  • EntityBroker
SAK-16833: Direct error handler has incorrect fallback code for email addr
  • Help
SAK-16933: Noisy logging on document addition
  • I18N
SAK-17067: Update Portuguese translation
  • sakai.properties
added "log.config.21 = ERROR.org.sakaiproject.util.ResourceLoader" to prevent SAK-17073: Massive logging of missing bundle keys in catalina.out
  • Search
SAK-17052: Update poi to 3.5-FINAL
  • Site-Manage
SAK-16939: NullPointerException in Membership tool
  • Skin
'Source' image link in NewsFeeds (make it green)
'Source' link in NewsFeeds incorrectly padded
Remove underline from InfoTip image
  • UFPUV-Sis
Admin: ability to update a single site


  • Sakai+Contrib tools
All projects: moved to 2-6-SNAPSHOT version
  • Announcements
SAK-13610: translate announce notification by e-mail into Japanese properly
  • Assignment
SAK-14931: Allow instructor to specify group resubmit in Assignments tool
SAK-16812: Linked Calendar event from Assignment is not fully internationalized
SAK-16403: Incorrect internationalization
SAK-16538: Some literal isn't good internationalized
SAK-16017: After visiting the attachment view, the "Allow Resubmission" is selected automatically in grading submission view
SAK-17013: assignment download all problem generates 2 GB of output in catalina.out
  • Calendar
SAK-16840: missing key when viewing event when event type is 'computer session'
SAK-16420: Calendar importer points to an inexistent Properties File
  • Config
SAK-16951: Update fr_FR locale for Sakai (1st increment for 2.6) : config
  • Content
SAK-16416: Text hardcoded in English at sakai_properties.vm
SAK-16672: Incorrect internationalization & bad translation in spanish
  • EntityBroker
SAK-16975: Added spaces to the allowed chars for direct URL inputs
  • MessageCenter
SAK-16379: Forums cannot access to attachments when they have strange characters in the filename
  • Motd2
Switched to jQuery.i18n.properties plugin
  • Portal
SAK-16952: Update fr_FR locale for Sakai
SAK-16958: Small fixes to fr_FR locale for Sakai
  • Presence
SAK-16952: Missing pt_PT translation for Presence
  • Reference
Deployed new ufpuv_2-6 skin
  • RWiki
SAK-12115: User unable to create new wiki pages, limitation?
SAK-14580: The words `Home' and `View' should not be Wiki Name
SAK-14579: The words `Revert to this page' and `Content same as' are not localizable
  • Sam
Several fixes
  • Search
Added search.enabled=true to sakai.properties (previously only search.experimental=true)
SAK-16903: Upgrade poi to 3.5 beta6
SAK-16980: 2 issues with POI digester
  • Site-Manage
SAK-16859:site created with template doesn't carry over skin, description, etc
SAK-16870:problem with multiple tools on Site Info page
SAK-16981:ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with editing tools in Site Info, where there is stealthed tool in site
SAK-16739:section_eid is not an i18n property
SAK-16589:Internationalization fix for synoptic tool title
SAK-16234: Add Participant on course site changed between Sakai 2.5 and Sakai 2.6
SAK-16040: Add Participants in Worksite setup adds to wrong site if more then one site is used
SAK-17008: Group Member List is not sorted
SAK-17006: Web content tool reset after editing tool list
SAK-16958: fr_FR small fixes (typos and others)
SAK-16860: Add participants page is not correctly i18ned - language dependent strings read from sakai.properties
  • SiteStats
STAT-176: Remove some unused dependencies
STAT-179: Checking for sysadmin permission isn't necessary
STAT-188: Replace redudant "Activity events" by Events
Initial page loaded faster
  • User
SAK-15164: Missing bundle keys


  • EntityBroker
SAK-16882: Added in a basic auth check to all incoming requests
  • Kernel
KNL-256: EntityCollections.isEqualEntityRefsToEntities returns true for first match
KNL-245: do not read the resource body into memory on file deletes, as this is not subsequently written out
KNL-88: report the kernel version
  • Reset-Pass
SAK-16630: Genericize support email rsf:id="supportEmail" mailto in confirm.html template
  • Site-Manage
SAK-16478: security issue
  • SiteStats
STAT-175: Make the i18n files a maven bundle
Changed session store from disk to memory
Changed timeout value on web.xml
Updated Apache Wicket to 1.3.7
  • WebDAV
SAK-5075: WebDAV fails with mod_jk/mod_proxy_ajp + WinXP client


  • Assignment
Related to "assignments / private notes and model answers does not display proper error message for text over 255 characters":
SAK-16921: NPE from assignments leads to corrupt state
SAK-16925: NumberFormating exception when grading assigment submissions
  • Content
SAK-16518: IE8: omit webdav link for it even in compat mode
SAK-15642: Resources menu misrendered in IE8
  • I18N
SAK-16698: Provide fr_FR locale for Sakai
  • ical
Added 'Calendário Académico 2009/10'
Added 'Feriados 2010'
  • MOTD2
Separate table for user access type
  • MsgCntr
SAK-16445: forums shows user's displayIds and there's no way to turn it off -Now user can turn on/off showing user's displayIds by setting properties in sakai.properties
  • Reference
SAK-15643: Portal rendering issues for IE8 RC1
  • sakai.properties
Updated cache settings for SAKAI_SITE_PAGE_PROPERTIES
  • Sam
SAK-16473: Some structural bugs in share question pools.
  • Site-Manage
SAK-16628: i18n problem with buttons in Page Order
  • User
SAK-7575: User id field shows userid of last user after removing a user and editing another user
  • Web
SAK-16507: Horizontal scroll bar freeze for web content/IE7


  • Assignment
SAK-16223: Assignments upload parser assumes that a user's display ID and EID are identical
SAK-16468: Silent error when upload all fails
SAK-16828: Upload All: Improper ZIP upload results in silent error
  • Content/Config
SAK-16813: Minor Portuguese translation corrections in resources
  • Config
SAK-16813: Minor Portuguese translation corrections in resources
  • Kernel
KNL-246: revert scm to point to the correct location
  • MetaObj
SAK-15909: Creating Portfolio Template throws stack trace (with invalid schema)
SAK-16479: Metaobj error handling hides root cause of problem and may prevent Sakai startup
  • MOTD2
Initial deployment for testing
  • Reference
SAK-16753: new 2.6 asn.share.drafts permission should be added into conversion script
SAK-16809: 2.6.0 upgrade script has index, column add in wrong order, related to SAK-16554
Adjusted style for portal time out dialog
  • Site-Manage
SAK-16489: Site Info Edit Tools no longer shows URL for Web Content or News tools
SAK-16842: The "Add course(s) and/or section(s) not listed above..." link doesn't work if "wsetup.skipCourseSectionSelection" is set to be true and CMService doesn't have any course levels defind.
SAK-16826: no need to check for site setup question configuration within the Site Info tool
  • SiteStats
STAT-169: CGLib deployed to webapp
STAT-171: Warning logs on catalina.out when accessing tool with IE (harmless)
STAT-172: Reports get hidden when site visits disabled on Sakai
STAT-173: File selector on reports editing page not working
STAT-174: Two versions of commons-beanutils deployed to components/
  • Tool
SAK-15211: JSF warning
  • Webservices
Fixed connection string in GEPSync


  • Announcement
SAK-14354:MOTD attachments not viewable by non-admins
  • Kernel
KNL-145: Fix incorrect logic in startup
  • Sakai.properties
Removed excessive logging (INFO level) of 'Access granted to (IP)...'
  • Sam
SAK-13161: Clean up unused jsp files under question pool module
  • Site-Manage
SAK-16040: Add Participants in Worksite setup adds to wrong site if more then one site is used
  • WebServices
Fixed SakaiScript.jws
  • Wiki
SAK-14578:The words `Key', `Added' and `vs' should be displayed by using resource bundle
SAK-14584:The right `)' is missing


  • Sakai:
Updated to Sakai 2.6.x
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