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  • Gradebook
SAK-19349: http://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-19349
  • Help
Updated help contents
  • Kernel
KNL-393: Problem with eid-id cache in case of negative matches
  • Master
SAK-19358: update indie versions
  • Portal
SAK-18781: Included is very old version of Wurfl API
  • Tasklist
Calendar not showing up when clicking the calendar icon


  • Big Blue Button
BBB-46: Meeting details sometimes shows "Connected users" for BBB 0.63/0.64
BBB-44: Provide more information in the email text
BBB-53: In IE 8, check start or end dates. date selector/calendar does not appear until you click again
BBB-51: BBB email notifications are missing <html></html> tags
BBB-50: BBB email notifications are missing To: header
BBB-48: Created by name is 'null' in the meeting email notification
BBB-47: Cannot delete meetings in IE7 and IE8
BBB-45: Ability to specify default options on sakai.properties
BBB-49: include an iCalendar (.ics) file with meeting email notifications
BBB-55: NullPointerException is thrown when creating a meeting without a start date


  • Assignments
SAK-19111: Instructors feedback/comments display HTML tags instead of rendering them
SAK-19051: Grades are not saved after previewing grade information
  • Kernel
KNL-586: don't consult providers if no eid is set
KNL-598: quieten logging
KNL-592: update location of codehaus repo
  • Master
SAK-19281: Update 2.7.x master pom <sakai.msgcntr.version> to 2.7.2
See Message Center 2.7.2 list of changes
  • Site-Manage
SAK-19247: Manage group problem inside Site Info when section provider id has "," inside and group members consists of mixture of sections and other member types (user id, role id)


  • Acessibility
SAK-18851: Notifications settings using Radio Buttons in Preferences Tool are not explicitly labeled
  • Announcements
SAK-19195: Missing ': ' in announcements notification (pt_PT)
  • Assignments
SAK-19051: Grades are not saved after previewing grade information
  • BigBlueButton
BBB-43: Added Turkish Translation for Big Blue Button
  • Citations
  • Config
SAK-19194: provide a pt_PT translation for the 'Home' page
  • Help
Updated help contents
  • Kernel
KNL-562: Investigate caching by preference service
KNL-494: Error reading a tool registration fails causes other all instances of that tool to fail to register
KNL-566: Adding a new resource leads to an NPE in cafe trunk
KNL-492: BasicSqlService.dbInsert returns db connection even if it is managed elsewhere
  • Master
SAK-19189: Sakai 2.7.0, 2.7.1 build error
  • Site-Manage
SAK-18949: Membership for a Group made of mixed roles will show as zero if a Group member is removed or has their role changed


Ability force site creation, ignoring pending confirmations
No profile photo for new students
Added quartz job to update user profiles/profile photos (if non-existent)
Added quartz job to unpublish course sites (created up to 12 months ago, without activity on the last 9 months)


  • Profile2
PRFL-433: Wrong photo displayed on the 'add connection' box if previously added someone
Added "is_home_page=true" property to Home pages
Students not getting Inactive when removed from all sections in course site (fixed -> removing as data is not lost)


  • BBB
BBB-42: Unable to set permissions after KNL-533
  • Profile2
Fixed email Portuguese translation
PRFL-423: Check length of Say Something input before attempting to save to database
  • Site-manage
SAK-18878: SiteTextEditUtil should not call processFormattedText
Added ability to add/remove sections to existing sites (super-user only)


  • Kernel
KNL-571: SqlService.transact() fails with SQLException if callback calls SqlService.dbInsert()


  • Content
SAK-18986: No option to set visibility to groups on individual files, if folder has groups already set
  • Master
SAK-18884: update basiclti - 1.1.5
  • Profile2
PRFL-425: ProfileImageServiceImpl calls method recursively
  • Reference
SAK-19017: Missing image for application file type (.dat)
  • RWiki


  • Assignments
SAK-18217: Merge duplicate i18n entries for "Draft" and other strings
SAK-18561: Upload All: Improper ZIP file releases grades but does not find attachments
SAK-18416: fix for zero-size zip file in 2.7.x
  • Announcement/Assignment/Calendar
  • Authz
  • BBB
BBB-41: Empty meeting list for sites with dots in site id
  • Calendar
SAK-18086: Error clicking on item imported from iCal feed
SAK-13606: "Icalendar" should be "iCalendar"
  • Config
  • Content/Gradebook
SAK-18838: Conditional Release doesn't appear to be working for any conditions that are based on Gradebook settings
  • Help
SAK-18947: Help do not open in IE
SAK-18979: NPE when requesting help doc which is defined in a help.xml file but not bundled
Update help docs
  • Login
SAK-18960: Bug in evaluating PDA or not in LoginTool
  • News
  • Master
Updated indie releases
  • Reference
SQL conversion updates
  • SiteStats
STAT-249: Stacktrace when consolidating Site Presence time
  • Syllabus
SAK-18586: Import does not import redirected syllabus when you choose to "replace" content from another site
  • Velocity
  • Webservices
SAK-18776: remove duplicated isVisible method
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