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  1. Checkout most up-to-date sakai source:
  2. Export it to a new location (will clean .svn info):
    • Export dir: C:\DEV-Workspace\Workspaces\
  3. Import into internal svn:
  4. Copy to a UFP modification branch:
  5. Checkout a copy of lattest UFP modification branch:
  6. Eclipse tasks:
    • Rename C:\DEV-Workspace\Workspaces\sakai-ufp_2-x-x\.svn to _.svn
    • Open Eclipse
    • Select this folder as Workspace
    • Uncheck "Project/Build automatically"
    • Add "Classpath Variables": MAVEN_REPO and TOMCAT_HOME
    • Import all projects in this folder into Eclipse
    • Import all contrib projects
    • Import Formatter settings
    • Import Code templates (License header for Java files)
  7. Apply custom UFP modifications to updated branch & commit changes:


  1. Change to checkout folder:
    • ~tomcat/sakai-ufp
    • elearning: ~/elearning/sakai-ufp
  2. Checkout source:
  3. Create link to master project:
    • cd contrib
    • ln -s ../sakai-ufp_2-x-x/master master
    • issue svn update on each contrib tool
  4. Stop Tomcat (no turning back after this step):
    • Run /etc/init.d/tomcat stop
  5. Backup data:
    • Backup Tomcat folder
    • Run /servicos/backups/sakai_cron_backup.pl
  6. Create a new Tomcat installation:
    • Unpack apache-tomcat-5.5.12.tar.gz on /servicos
    • Unpack apache-tomcat-5.5.12-compat.tar.gz on /servicos
    • Copy mysql-connector-java-3.1.12-bin.jar to /servicos/apache-tomcat-5.5.12/
    • Edit server.xml and append URIEncoding="UTF-8" to 8080 and 8009 connectors (or copy from previous installations)
    • Copy meleteDocs.xml provided in the melete source code into tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost
  7. Compile new sakai version:
    • cd sakai-ufp_2-x-x; maven sakai
  8. Compile in-house and 3rd party tools:
    • cd ../contrib; maven sakai
    • cd jforum; maven jforum
    • Install blogger tool:
      • cd ../contrib-ext/installBlogger
      • java Installer blogger /servicos/tomcat
      • In /servicos/apache-tomcat-5.5.12_old1/webapps/blogger/WEB-INF/web.xml:
        • Change <param-value>c:/TEMP/</param-value>
        • To <param-value>/tmp</param-value>
    • Apply 3rd party tools database conversion scripts if needed
  9. Apply update patches (if needed):
    • Apply docs\updating\sakai_2_x_x-2_y_y_mysql_conversion.sql (be aware of errors!)
  10. Change config files (if needed):
    • Change version in ${sakai.home}/sakai.properties
  11. Check permissions:
    • chown -R tomcat.tomcat /servicos/tomcat
  12. Deploy:
    • cd /root (jforum requires this)
    • Start Tomcat: /etc/init.d/tomcat start
    • Watch logs: tail -f /servicos/tomcat/logs/sakai-INFO.log
  13. Download maven sakai v2.x plugin (?):
    • maven plugin:download -DgroupId=sakaiproject -DartifactId=sakai -Dversion=2.x
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