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Welcome to UFP-UV Sakai Wiki. See About this wiki for more information.


UFP-UV Platform


The UFP-UV platform is an online elearning environment based on the Sakai Project built at Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP).

Additional information

UFP-UV Deployment

Production Deployment

Update/Upgrade Process

  • Development environment - (network diagrams & software details)
    • Description of the current development environment
  • UFP-UV Update Process - (minor changes, bugfixes)
    • The update process consists on merging/applying changes and bugfixes to the existing build
  • UFP-UV Upgrade Process - (major/minor releases)
    • The upgrade process consists on starting from a OOTB Sakai release, patching it to fit UFP-UV needs

Code snippets & Quickies


DSpace (B-Digital)


Other Resources

Sakai Links

Miscellaneous Software Upgrades

Obsolete pages

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