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  • Site Stats: allows authorized users to view site usage statistics.

  • News Feeds: a feed aggregator tool developed for Sakai. The tool supports multiple feeds, user-provided feeds or selection from pre-configured institutional list, BASIC/DIGEST authentication and feed attachments (enclosures).

  • Big Blue Button: integrates a Sakai instance with a BigBlueButton server, allowing Sakai users to easily create, manage and join BigBlueButton meetings from a Sakai worksite.

  • Synoptic Calendar: small calendar (synoptic tool) that aggregates all events from calendars of each site the user belongs to. Presents a visual summary monthly/weekly view of schedule events in the Home page of My Workspace or other course/project site.

  • User Membership: allows to find Sakai user enrollments (site and group membership). It supports internal (Sakai DB) and external (eg, LDAP) user search, sort and filtering.
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